Carla Scaletti

Carla Scaletti is the designer of the Kyma sound design language, co-founder of Symbolic Sound Corporation, and an experimental composer/performer.

In her µ-psi manifesto, she describes her music as the sonic analog to science fiction; each of her performances is based on a what-if proposition and involves live Kyma interactions with acoustic sources, audiences, and environments. Educated at the University of Illinois (DMA, MCS), she studied composition with Salvatore Martirano, John Melby, Herbert Brün, and Scott Wyatt and computer science with Ralph Johnson, one of the Design Patterns “Gang of Four.” She was one of the keynote speakers for this year’s ICMC (Looking forward, looking back), and has been guest lecturer at Centre de Crèation Musical Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX) in Paris and co-organizer of the annual Kyma International Sound Symposium, this year based on the theme: Picturing Sound. In addition to her work in software development and music composition, she has a special interest in scientific data sonification, and some of her work with physicist Lily Asquith on data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN influenced the musical score she created for choreographer Gilles Jobin’s piece QUANTUM (recently performed at the Tanz im August Festival in Berlin.