Cio D’Or

Cio D'Or's (Cio Dorbrandt) music arises from an idea which she develops and threads through her own sounds: emotional, extravagant, charismatic, cinematic, sometimes poetic. Her music strives towards "infinity" between origin and development.

Here, timeless possibilities sound out from the zeitgeist. Since 2004 she has released two albums, 10 EPs, three EPs coproduced with Donato Dozzy, Gabriel Ananda, and Paul Brtschitsch, and four remixes for labels like Prologue, Semantica, Telrae, Hypnus, and Time to Express. In 2012 she composed her debut Distanz for a music theatre with orchestral instruments. The combination of electronic elements and instruments enrich her world of musical ideas. Cio started in 2001 as a resident DJ in Munich’s former cult club Ultraschall, and later established herself consistently on national and international dancefloors with her emotive, almost magical sets. She doesn’t play music, she lives it.


Studio Session