Dylan Wood

Hailing from Auckland New Zealand, Dylan Wood is a musician, dad, and German beer enthusiast who is also the Product Owner for Sound at Ableton.

Dylan has been making music with computers since 1997 when he remixed a Van Halen song in fast tracker 2 on his 486. Despite this questionable start he has persisted with music making, moving on to playing in and producing space rock, punk, and metal bands, producing his own music under the alias herringson, DJing, and impressing guests at his children’s birthday parties with punk/acoustic renditions of popular folk songs. A stretch of working on music for film and television followed by a long tenure in product development at DJ software company Serato rounds out his career to date. Recent obsessions include hand building 70’s design synthesisers, DIY Monome grids, and mixing his songs to –12db RMS. He is most proud of his children, wife, and knowing how to work the TV without the instructions.