JNTHN STEIN (Jonathan Stein) is redefining the term “producer.” Oakland-born and Brooklyn-based, his wide range of musical influences come together to create a texturally rich and rhythmically propelling sound that will leave you with two options: dancing ecstatically, or closing your eyes to be swept away in a wave of impression and sensation.

Saturated synths, cavernous drums, lush harmonies, soaring arpeggios and layered melodies come together to create a completely new sound within the EDM and Hip Hop genres, heavily influenced by the music of the 80′s, 90′s and 2000′s. With a self released solo record, a TeamSupreme compilation release on Alphapup Records, and his own audio/visual production company/blog Candid Music Group already under his belt, Jonathan is bringing his vast musicality to electronic music, and plans to change music all together.