Money Mark

Mark Ramos‐Nishita aka Money Mark is a musician, composer, and producer who is most noted for his collaborations with the Beastie Boys.

His first album, the critically applauded Mark's Keyboard Repair (1995), was made up of keyboard driven pop‐funk songs recorded at demo quality. It was followed up by his second full‐length, Push the Button in 1998. Push the Button, eclectic and forward thinking, combines aspects of rock and pop with soul, funk and hip‐hop. It contains seminal tracks such as “Hand In Your Head” and the eponymous “Push the Button,” which catapulted Mark to the top of the British Pop Charts, and cemented his status as a prominent and cutting edge solo artist in the US. His most notable contribution to popular music thus far might be the famous keyboard phrase that opens and underpins "Where It's At" from Beck's 1996 album Odelay. In September 2006, Money Mark signed to Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records label. Most recently, Mark composed the score to the feature documentary Beautiful Losers. He continues to produce, remix, compose for film, TV, and video games, collaborate and co‐write with artists 
as diverse as Yoko Ono and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and to tour as a solo artist, as well as with the Beastie Boys.