Mykki Blanco

Michael David Quattlebaum created his Mykki Blanco persona one summer day when he stepped out into the streets of New York in head-to-toe drag for the first time ever.

Having already performed as the hypermasculine industrial rocker No Fear, Quattlebaum found a whole new range to his artistic output with Mykki Blanco – fuelling her persona with lyrics from his recently published collection of poems entitled "From the Silence of Duchamp". His penchant for the theatrical, as evidenced in his live appearances as well as his music videos, stems from his background as a student in performance art, and is complemented by lyrics that reveal a wandering, rebel soul that is used to living on the fringe.

Swag is the term being applied to the music of Mykki Blanco and his compatriots in NYC’s queer rap scene, a genre which, as expected, leads to much discussion as to its role in uniting two worlds that are often thought of as incongruous: the hypermale world of hip-hop/rap and the gender-bending queer scene.