Nicolas Bougaïeff

Nicolas Bougaïeff designs cutting-edge music software for Liine, the company he co-founded with partners that include John Acquaviva and Richie Hawtin.

Liine released Griid in 2010, the first iPad controller for Ableton Live, and ported Lemur to iOS in 2011, an industry standard app for MIDI/OSC control. Bougaïeff completed a PhD in 2013 on the topic of minimal techno, analyzing the music and live performance methods of the 2010-2011 Plastikman Live tour. Bougaïeff is also an active music producer, regularly releasing on established Cologne techno label Trapez. He has combined dance music production with modern classical influences. For his track “Decompress”, he extracted the principles from Steve Reich’s “Four Organs” and applied them to techno. Nicolas had to roll his own Max for Live device to make chords slowly morph into arpeggios. CreateDigitalMusic.com sums it up, “Geometry and process come together for a new take on techno”.