patten is an undefined exploratory project currently operating from London. 

Following numerous ultra-limited CDR releases under the moniker, September 2011 saw the first official LP GLAQJO XAACSSO released through boutique UK label No Pain In Pop to widespread acclaim. Signed to Warp in late 2013, the EP EOLIAN INSTATE & full-length ESTOILE NAIANT followed soon after with intense live AV shows in Europe, North America, and Japan over 2014. Injecting this heady rush into London nightlife with the monthly 555-5555 club night series late summer, the patten project continued to seep out in all directions without concern for boundaries or precedent. With the high hit-rate imprint Kaleidoscope (Sculpture, Karen Gywer, Yearning Kru, Orphan, ALAK…) returning in 2015 along with new artists and format experiments, patten has splintered out further still through collaborations, lysergic imagery and environments, tripped out remixes, and perceptually challenging artefacts appearing across various data-streams of all kinds. It looks like there's no sign at all of slowing down.