Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes is a musician, computer scientist, and hardware t[h]inker. As a researcher, Pedro creates wearable interfaces that read and write directly to the user's body through our muscles.

His works have been published at ACM CHI and UIST, and have captured the interest of popular media such as NBC, Discovery Channel, New Scientist, and Wired. As a musician, Pedro subverts the turntable as a full fledged musical instrument; that means it can be bowed, percussed, scratched, and hacked. Pedro has performed in venues such as Transmediale, Serralves Foundation, Casa da Música, and in ensembles conducted by William Winnant (John Zorn’s Cobra) and Reinhold Friedl. Pedro shares his research with the community by organizing workshops for musicians and artists in which he teaches people how to create interfaces that connect directly to the performer's body, using muscle sensing and electrical muscle stimulation (for instance at Transmediale Vorspiel'15 and Hacking Health'14). These interfaces allow you to express your musical ideas rapidly without demanding you to look at computer screens or break away from the immersion of your performance.