Phoebe Kiddo

Australian-born Phoebe Kiddo began cultivating a keen ear for multifaceted, expressive electronics in her native Melbourne, where she collaborated with improvisational trio K&M and founded the Racket showcase.

Following completion of a degree in Sound from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Kiddo moved to California and participated in Red Bull Music Academy 2011. Her debut EP, “Tripping on the Wake of Goodbyes,” with its strata of diaphanous synths and sub-bass thrums, was released on Anenon’s Non Projects imprint. In 2014, Kiddo followed-up with her first full-length LP, Artefacts of Broken Dreams (Symbiosis) crafted during a self-described period as a “musical pilgrim” working in borrowed studios between L.A. and Berlin, where she has currently settled.

Photo: Dan Wilton