Matthew Herbert

Using a Creative Manifesto

Holly Herndon

On Process: A Talk by Holly Herndon

Young Guru

Creativity in the Engineer’s Chair

Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft

How Technology Empowers Collaboration & Improvisation

Daniel Miller

Channeling Creativity: A&R as Creative Practice

Team Supreme

Collective Intelligence: The Power of the Music Collective

Robert Henke

Failure = Success

James Holden & Dan Tombs, Forest Swords & Sam Wiehl, Kathy Alberici & Federico Nitti

The AV Show

Bryan Rill

Flow: On Immersion and Focus in Music Making

Jace Clayton

Artist Talk by DJ /rupture

Matt Black and Peter Kirn

Why Electronic Music Needs to be a lot Wilder

Thor Magnusson

Sight and Sound: Visualizing Music in Software Instruments


The Future of Controllerism

Adam John Williams

Musical Magic Tricks: Hacking Human Perception

Norbert Schnell

All Together Now: Interactive Music Making on the Mobile Web

Sam Aaron

Live Coding with Sonic Pi

Jody Medich and Nicolas Bougaïeff 

The Mindset of the Designer

Jono Brandel and Shawn James Seymour 

Patatap & Typatone: Building AV Instruments for the Web

AGF, DJ /rupture, Leafcutter John, Tom Hall

Max Connect: A Showcase of Performance Practices

Dylan Wood, Gerhard Behles, Jesse Terry, Michaela Bürgle

A Glimpse into Ableton's Workshop

AGF, Christian Kleine, DJ /rupture, Leafcutter John, Tom Hall

Max Connect: A showcase of performance practices



James Holden, Matthew Herbert, Phoebe Kiddo, Young Guru

Creative Blocks and Strategies for Overcoming them - Part #1

Money Mark, patten, Recloose

Creative Blocks and Strategies for Overcoming them - Part #2

Dot, Electric Indigo, female:pressure, Heroines of Sound, Peter Kirn

Defy or Classify: Electronic Music beyond Genre

Katharina Ernst, Kiran Gandhi, Zach Danziger

On and Off the Grid: Acoustic Drummers and Electronic Music

Carla Scaletti, Gerhard Behles, Roger Linn, Stephan Schmitt

New Ways to Play: Visionary Designers on their Instruments

Henrik Schwarz, Hillegonda Rietveld, King Britt, Recloose

Again & Again & Again: Loops and Repetition in Electronic Dance Music

Amelie Hinrichsen, Rebecca Fiebrink, Leafcutter John, Joseph Malloch

New Instruments and Evolving Performance Practices

Paul Davis, Marije Baalman, Soledad Penadés, Gianfranco Ceccolini

Share the Code: Open Source Music Tech

Adam John Williams, Alexandra Cardenas, Jono Brandel

From Artist to Engineer and Back Again: Coding as Artistry

Erin Barra, King Britt, Lawrence Grey

Practice What You Teach



Workshops are activities where you can get hands-on masterclasses from specialists across a range of creative and technical fields. Because of their limited capacity, workshops must be signed-up for in advance.

John Richards

Build your Mute Synth II (MSII)

Ewa Justka

Play With Your Food: Building an Organic Sequencer

Money Mark

Not Quite Instruments: Making Music from Simple Machines


Sounds Outside: An Introduction to Field Recording

Pedro Lopes

Your Body is Your Musical Interface

Electric Indigo

A Dive into Granular Synthesis

Phoebe Kiddo

Mindfulness for Creatives

Paul Rothman

Make, Break, and Iterate with littleBits

Tom Hall

Essential Max for Live Tools with Cycling '74

Tom Hall

Device Programming in Max for Live with Cycling '74


Studio Sessions

CTM × Ableton Night Program

Loop tickets include passes to all CTM × Ableton nighttime events. Non- Loop ticket holders can buy nighttime tickets from the CTM website.

Friday, 30 October – CTM × Ableton @ Babylon

James Holden & Camilo Tirado, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Saturday, 31 October – CTM × Ableton @ Prince Charles

Mykki Blanco pres. C-ore, Money Mark, Aïsha Devi, DJ Nigga Fox, Low Jack, Sarah Farina

Sunday, 1 November – Closing Concert at HKW

Holly Herndon, Tim Hecker, Lorenzo Senni

Installation: WARP Records presents “Stor Eiglass” in 360º virtual reality video, produced by Squarepusher and Marshmallow Laser Feast