Defy or classify: electronic music beyond genre

With Dot, Electric Indigo & Peter Kirn in conversation with Andrea Goetzke. Presented by female:pressure

Notions of genre are at the heart of music discourse and music commerce. In addition to being aesthetic, musical, and performative categories, genres carry with them a complex set of social connotations – all of which leads to conclusions about the cultural and economic value of music.

But isn't the idea of genre somewhat outdated in the current electronic music climate? Festivals such as CTM, Unsound or Mutek endeavour to present a broad spectrum of music that is connected thematically, rather than through genre. And venues like Berlin’s Berghain host club nights on the weekend and concerts of contemporary classical music during the week – with a notable overlap in audiences.

For artist who strive for innovation, breaking free of genre conventions is often an explicit goal. So how do we otherwise define our musical identities, both for ourselves and for our audience? This panel’s participants will discusses the use of genre as a tool to describe and classify contemporary electronic music in its diverse and varied contexts.

With special thanks to Heroines of Sound Festival