TeamSupreme: the power of the music collective

With Team Supreme in conversation with Ed Williams

Making music by yourself can be a lonely endeavor. Finding a group of like-minded artists with whom you can share ideas, feedback, and critique can be a valuable way to stay in the creative flow.

The LA-based members of TeamSupreme have taken this idea and run with it. First forming around a weekly beatmaking competiton, it took barely two years for the collective to get picked up by the likes of DJ Shadow, Daedelus & Glitch Mob, notch production credits alongside Diplo & Madonna and embark on a sold out tour and their own record label.

By establishing a collective, they’ve developed a vital network for their artists, who support and challenge each other through collaboration and healthy competition. In this talk, members of TeamSupreme will discuss how establishing a collective has helped to foster both their artistry and their careers, resulting in a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.