Essential Max for Live tools with Cycling '74*

Hosted by Tom Hall

Max for Live lets you create your own custom devices for use in Ableton Live. Build synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio effects, and even devices that modify Live itself - the properties of tracks, clips, and native Live devices.

In this workshop,Tom Hall, audio/visual artist and Cycling '74 employee will introduce the basics of Max For Live and the possibilities it facilitates for customising Live to your needs. Using a series of existing Max for Live devices you’ll explore some tools to break free of creative stumbling blocks when completing a track, album, or composition. 

No previous programming experience is necessary and the workshop will focus on working with classic Max for Live devices already available via the packs page via ableton.com. 

Users will take away a greater knowledge of Max For Live devices, their fundamental differences and how they fit into their workflow within Live.