Make, break, and iterate: designing synthesizers and interfaces using littleBits*

Hosted by Paul Rothman

Designing your own analog synth can be hard.With littleBits, it doesn't have to be. In this workshop we will do hands-on exploration of the different sound generating, manipulating, sensing, and interfacing modules in the littleBits library of electronic building blocks and build new instruments to create sound with. 

We'll explore the synth-centric modules within the library and how they can work together to create an instrument, iterating throughout the process by making an breaking new circuits. Interfacing modules such as the Arduino module for programming, the MIDI module to connect to software like Live, and the USB I/O module for integration to Max/MSP will be covered as well.

No experience is required but the depth of the creations can vary depending on what knowledge participants bring with them. Bringing laptops with aforementioned software is encouraged.