The mindset of the designer: how to think about making things

Forward-thinking music makers sometimes hit the boundaries of what they can accomplish with ready-made tools.

Some artists then choose to solve these problems by making their own tools to address their particular musical needs. Software environments like Max/MSP and hardware like Arduino make it easier than ever to make custom instruments, effects, and controllers that are tailored to the workflow of the builder. But these bespoke tools often lack the finesse and usability that would allow them to be used by others. And this is often because they’re built without a designer’s mindset.

In this talk we invite anyone with an interest in building new tools to join a conversation with Jody Medich, former principal UX Designer for the LEAP Motion and Microsoft Hololens, and Nicolas Bougaïeff, co-founder of Liine. These well-established and visionary designers will introduce the principles that guide the development of products that are not only functional, but elegant.