Creative blocks and strategies for overcoming them - part #1

With James Holden, Matthew Herbert, Phoebe Kiddo and Young Guru. Moderated by Dennis DeSantis

Despite the proliferation of low-cost, powerful, easy-to-use software and hardware, making music is still hard. Doubt, procrastination, fear of both failure and success, and boredom are just some of the obstacles that stand between music-makers and actually getting music done. 

In this discussion series we will attempt to uncover the causes of (and solutions to) creative blocks in the work of a variety of established and prolific artists across a range of music genres. Moderated by Dennis DeSantis, whose recently published book Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers also explores these topics, the discussions will attempt to demystify the struggles inherent in the creative process. Hear from these artists how they get stuck, how they get unstuck again, and how they ultimately manage to get music made.