Why electronic music needs to be a lot wilder

With Matt Black and Peter Kirn

How can we make electronic music more wild?

With all the technical possibilities and compositional aids offered by computers these days, why does so much music sound so similar? What are the technological, commercial, and social pressures that drive musicians to rely on defaults, stock loops, presets, and lazy 4/4-quantized monotony? What would it take to change the practice of music making? How do we make the leap from Apollonian exactness to Dionysian outpourings of feeling?

Matt Black looks to controlled randomness and artificial intelligence to find new means of injecting surprise and excitement into music. Peter Kirn draws on his classical compositional background to investigate how history and musicology could predict new directions and advancements, and how limitation and exploration can interact. Together, they'll challenge themselves and us to not only to examine the technology we use, but also our own complacency when using it.