Axel Hartmann

Axel Hartmann is a German industrial designer, renowned for his work on several synthesizers. He was also a founding member of the synthesizer manufacturer Hartmann Music and the design company Designbox.

After studying for four years in Saarbrücken, Hartmann was hired by Waldorf Synthesizer as a designer in 1989. His first assignment was the design of the Waldorf Microwave which has become an industry classic. In the following years he was responsible for designing the entire product range of Waldorf. For the Waldorf Wave he received various design awards and the Red Dot design award.

Axel also contacted several major manufacturers and was commissioned to design the Alesis Andromeda A6. At a musical show in the US, he was approached by Arturia and later received the task of working on the graphical user interface of its software synthesizer.

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