CTM Festival

Loop is partnering with CTM Festival for 2016 to run an Ableton x CTM night at The Volksbühne on Friday 4 November. The night will include DJ sets and live performances across three stages from Loop artists and more.

CTM is one of the world’s leading international festivals for contemporary electronic and experimental music. The festival was founded in 1999 and takes place in Berlin in February each year, concurrently and cooperatively with the transmediale – international festival for art and digital culture.

With its notable size and reputation among professionals, during its 17 years of existence CTM has earned a place among the world’s top-ranking festivals and become an essential meeting point for the international music community. The festival receives repeated praise from the media and has been called “Germany’s most important gathering for electronic and experimental music” and “Berlin’s best pop festival”.

CTM’s concert programme presents internationally outstanding artists in unusual constellations that cut across genres, styles, and scenes. The festival covers sound experiments and avant-garde pop, ground breaking pioneers and young talent, instrumental music, contemporary composition and electronic sound research, as well as a diverse range of interdisciplinary projects that combine music, performance and visual arts. Initiating and supporting the production of new musical and artistic projects from established and upcoming artists is at the core of the festival’s agenda, as is the coupling of first-hand experience with critical reflection, exchange and learning. With its extensive daytime programme, that brings together workshops, artist talks, lectures, films, installations, university projects, and an exhibition, the festival creates a space for thinking and debating broadly about music and its social relevance.

Deeply-rooted in Berlin’s music and art scene, CTM represents everything that currently makes Berlin one of the world‘s cultural hot spots: fresh ideas, daring experimentation, intensity, enthusiasm, authentic venues, and an exceptional depth of talent.


Night Program