Emile Hoogenhout

Multi-instrumentalist and music producer Emile Hoogenhout (a.k.a Behr) is an Ableton Certified Trainer and was the only African selected to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in Spain 2011.

Emile has studied at institutions including the National School Of The Arts (Contemporary Music), The University Of Cape Town (Jazz Composition, Theory and Performance) and with many private tutors (Performance Technique, Music Theory, Sight Reading, World Music Styles, Composition).  Emile has been a music teacher for the past 15 years and has helped many students receive accredited Royal Schools and Trinity distinctions.

Emile composes and performs music under the alias “Behr” and has played extensively at various electronic music festivals. Constantly forcing himself to redefine his musical process through field recording, sampling, using live drums, guitar, piano and sequencing techniques, Emile is also responsible for the series of East African Ableton instrument racks released alongside Santuri Safari.

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