Jem the Misfit

Jemma Woolmore a.k.a. Jem the Misfit is a Berlin based video artist whose work spans AV performance, bespoke visual production, festival visual design and video installation.

Jem’s creations can be seen in venues as diverse as a full gallery video mapping installation at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles (USA) through to the main stage at renowned techno festival Time Warp (DE). Her collaboration with underground techno artist Paula Temple - the Hybrid AV show -  successfully toured 2014/15 to high acclaim at ADE, Berlin’s Krake festival, MIRA Barcelona, I love techno, Convergence festival (UK), She Makes Noise (ES) and Mutek Mexico.  Plus, the Creatures AV show, a collaboration with Andre Uhl, was selected for the highly acclaimed Mapping Festival in Geneva 2015. Jem’s carefully crafted performances create spatial and textural landscapes, merging digital 3D design with hand-made sculptural objects to blur the boundaries between real and virtual. Her unique artistic vision has seen her illuminate festivals and galleries across the world, including performances for Paula Temple, Loco Dice, Recondite, Abstraxion, Chris Liebing, Nina Kraviz and Max Cooper.