The Danish artist Mads Lindgren (aka Monolog) composes and performs music in a universe of sinister synthesis, aggressive beats, and the innovative use of broken instruments, kitchen utensils, and recordings of the industrial surroundings of Berlin.

The latest Monolog releases are available on Ad noiseam “2 dots left” and “Merge” released in 2014 and 2015. In 2015 Mads also took over the Label Subtrakt and released “Eversleep” in 2016. Mads has also been deploying the damage for free with the “Aerodymanic” 12", released simultaneously as a vinyl LP and a free a Creative Commons download, and the acclaimed Live Cuts EP from acre recordings released early July 2012. Mads has become a very active part of Berlin’s electronic music culture, playing in such legendary (and infamous) places as the Fusion festival, Freqs of Nature festival, Spektrum, Wendel Club, Zentrale Randlage, Berghain Kantine, KS145, m.i.k.z, N.B.I, Strandbar, Subland, and ausland. In addition to being a very active performer and producer, Mads was the Lead Tester for Maschine from its birth until June 2012 at Native Instruments. He now works for Ableton as Head of Quality Assurance. Additionally, Mads has been teaching radical aesthetics at the university of Aalborg, and conducting workshops across Europe and institutions on topics such as field recording and sampling technologies since 2010.