Pamela McCormick

Pamela McCormick is the founder and director of Urban Development, a music development organisation based in Stratford, London. Urban Development play an integral role in the growth of urban music in the UK.

Pamela grew up in Belfast in the 1970s through the era of pub bombings, barricades, daily murders and little integration. As her thinking and challenging of the origins of the troubles matured, she realised that poverty and lack of aspiration were at the heart of the mutual distrust. This insight has become the keystone upon which Pamela has built her career. After working in Edinburgh, Monte Carlo and Paris, programming and producing jazz events and assisting esteemed composers, concert pianists and conductors, Pamela arrived in London, keen to realise her dreams and action positive social change.

Over 14 years old and with McCormick still at the helm today, Urban Development has built a lasting legacy and a reputation as a leader in both producing and showcasing new urban talent and educating the next generation of stars.