Rodi Kirkcaldy

New Zealand born music producer and educator Rodi Kirkcaldy is known for working on the cutting edge of music and technology. He specialises in creating unique sounds and textures that combine the emotion and human warmth of acoustic instrumentation and performance with the enormous sonic potential of electronic music.

As an educator Rodi explores the potential of enabling participants to imagine, develop, and build the best version of themselves. As in any creative practice, we know that the individual cannot create, learn, work, and grow in isolation. At dBs Music in Berlin, Rodi offers a pressure cooker environment for participants to build their creative muscle through targeted activities, exercises and real world projects that result in a diverse and multifaceted portfolio. We provide a facilitated learning approach that treats participants as industry practitioners; mentored, aided, and working alongside one another and our team of tutors as experienced colleagues.

Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail, there’s only make.