Olaf Hilgenfeld and Iftah Gabbai met in Berlin back in 2003. The first years of their musical marriage was an abstract electroacoustic journey which was slowly transformed by Berlin’s neo-hippie rave renaissance.

Their live shows are a display of playfulness, artistic skill and the ability to completely improvise a performance. Over the years Skinnerbox have developed a distinctively musical and groovy style, a complex, detailed, idiomatic sound and a bunch of unique technical setups and instruments for live shows as well as studio productions. They started performing in the legendary party context of Bachstelzen and Bar25 in Berlin back in 2005. Ever since they have been playing widely respected tours around the world. Skinnerbox continuously release their studio productions on labels like BPitch Control, My Favorite Robot, Darkroom Dubs, including several musical collaborations with other artists. In 2009 Skinnerbox released the sbx 2049 - a drum machine which made them the first artists to release an instrument in conjunction with Ableton. In 2014 - after 3 years of intense work - Skinnerbox ended up with another official Ableton Live instrument, the epic drum machine Time & Timbre.