Tarik Barri

Tarik Barri is a traveller in audiovisual space. He creates a synaesthetic universe in which you listen to the light and watch the sound.

Barri started programming at the age of seven and has been making electronic music since he was a teenager. After his first track release, he quit his study in biological psychology to study music and technology. During his studies, he discovered many similarities between making live music and making live images. By developing his own software he was able to make his own personal audiovisual instrument which he now uses to explore new aesthetics in the combination of image and sound.

Barri uses this software for solo audiovisual performances as well as for creating and improvising live visuals alongside other musicians. With all his work generated and adapted on the spot, each of his performances is truly live and unique. In addiition to audiovisual shows and creating visuals for artists like Nicolas Jaar, Thom Yorke and Monolake, Barri's works take on various forms, such as interactive installations and videos.

Photo: Lea Fabrikant