Lee Scratch Perry, Subatomic Sound System, Volker Schaner

The Upsetter: A conversation with Lee Scratch Perry 

Suzanne Ciani

Life in the Waves: A performative presentation with Suzanne Ciani

DJ Jazzy Jeff

A Touch of Jazz: Collaboration and evolution

Fatima Al Qadiri

Global Narrative: Fatima Al Qadiri in conversation

Moritz von Oswald

The Studio as an Instrument: Moritz von Oswald in conversation

Chagall and Adam Stark

Music in Motion: Performing with mi.mu gloves

Gil Weinberg, Jason Barnes, Mason Bretan, Shimi Robots, Ulrike Greiwe

Robots, Prostheses and Improvisation: Robotic musicianship with Georgia Tech


The Loud System: Sound in space


Remake/Remodel: A performative presentation

Patrick Defasten, Souzanna Zamfe, Steve Goodman (Kode9), Toby Heys

AUDINT: A century of zombie sound

Tara Rodgers

Electronic Music Dreams and Designs: Learning from the history of synthesized sound

Deantoni Parks, Kirk Knight, Kyoka

The Art of Sampling

The Wire presents

Invisible Jukebox: A musical blind date with Gudrun Gut

The Wire presents

Invisible Jukebox: A musical blind date with Morton Subotnick

No I.D.

No I.D. in Conversation with Jace Clayton

Tarik Barri

Versum: A journey through sight & sound

Jason Hockman

Breakbeat Deconstruction: From hip hop to drum & bass and beyond

Elysia Crampton

Sound in Opposition


Free your Fingers, Free your Mind

Anna Meredith

Composing Beyond Convention: A conversation with Anna Meredith

Bandish Projekt

Creative Exploration through Percussion

Luisa Pereira, Sougwen Chung

Translation, Media & Music: A collaborative presentation

Berlin Community Radio presents

The Loop Live Stream [Fri]
The Loop Live Stream [Sat]

Robert Henke

Fragile Territories Artist Talk


Daedelus, Kimbra, Quantic

From Studio to Stage: Developing your performance setup

Jana Winderen, Kyoka, Native Instrument

A Breath of Fresh Air: Making music with field recordings

Luisa Pereira, Mason Bretan, Paul Weir

Coding the Rules: Teaching machines to make music

Aerea Negrot, Ella Zwietnig, Lady Blacktronika, Mint Berlin

Perspectives on Collaborative Approaches: Breakfast discussion with Mint Berlin

Chino Amobi, Elysia Crampton, Peder Mannerfelt

Contemporary Sonic Commentary

Alexis Michaelides, Gerhard Behles, Pamela McCormick, Rodi Kirkcaldy

The Learning Institution: New approaches in music education

Astrid Bin, Johannes Taelman, Olivier Gillet, Tom Whitwell

Open Audio Communities: Sharing the knowledge

Jem the Misfit, Sougwen Chung, Tarik Barri

AV Interchange

Amélie Anglade, Gil Weinberg, Jason Hockman

The Computer is Listening

Cora Novoa, Demian Licht, Emile Hoogenhout, Rasmus Kjærbo

The View From Here: Local scenes in a globalized world

Matthewdavid, No I.D., Sasha Perera, Sound Oracle

Don't Be A Music Snob

Axel Hartmann, Jonas Eriksson, Marijke Jorritsma

Art of Interface

Mitya, Sandunes

Searching for Sound: Screening and discussion

Studio Sessions*

Loop's program of listening and process-focussed studio sessions takes place across several of Funkhaus’ professional sound studios. The intimate setting is designed to facilitate direct interaction with the participating musicians and artists.

Listening Sessions

Listening Sessions are small group gatherings for which you are invited to submit an example of your own music for the session host and attendees to listen to and give feedback on. Listening sessions will be hosted by:

Kimbra, DJ Earl, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DaedelusPeder Mannerfelt, Deantoni ParksElysia Crampton, KučkaChino Amobi

Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are intensive, one-hour masterclasses with artists from a variety of genres and provide an in-depth look at their music making processes and techniques. Studio Sessions will be hosted by:

Sound Oracle, Sky Deep, Anna Meredith, No I.D.Sasha Perera, BwanaKyoka, Quantic, DiViNCi, Falk Grieffenhagen

Other Studio Sessions include:

From Mix to Master

A holistic approach to music and production with audio engineer Hannes Bieger

Mini Monika Werkstatt

A look into the workshop of Gudrun Gut’s Monika label

Voices in the Machine

A collaborative studio session with vocalist Clara Hill and electronic producer Peter Kirn 

FACT presents Loop x Against the Clock with Kirk Knight, Daedelus, and UMA


*Due to the small group format of these events, studio sessions will require pre-registration. Each Loop ticket holder can register for one studio session.

Loop Night Program

Loop tickets include passes to nighttime events. Guests and non-Loop ticket holders can buy nighttime tickets at the door.

Friday 4 Nov: CTM x Ableton at Volksbühne

Featuring live performances and DJ sets across three stages from Nonotak, Brood Ma + Werkflow, Chino Amobi, Elysia Crampton, DJ Earl feat. Sirr Tmo & Dre, Schockglatze, Fatima al Qadiri, Ziúr, Why Be, Charlotte Bendiks, Philip Sherburne, Born in Flamez.

Saturday 5 Nov: CDR x Ableton at Prince Charles

Featuring Kode 9 (DJ set), Daedelus (Live), Lady Blacktronika (DJ set), Aybee (Live), Abayomi, Resom, Open CDR Session