Music in motion: performing with mi.mu gloves

A presentation and performance by Chagall and Adam Stark [mi.mu]

Chagall van den Berg and Adam Stark will present a session demonstrating the mi.mu gloves - the musical glove system that combines dedicated gesture detection and mapping software, with a flexible approach to the control of music and visuals via intuitive human movement.

Mi.mu is a startup comprising of musicians, artists, scientists and technologists developing cutting-edge wearable music technology. The musical glove system represents a fusion of modern textiles with advanced motion tracking electronics and algorithms. Users experience a dramatic shift in their perceptions of music performance and composition as the technology fades away and what used to be a barrier to entry becomes an enabler of creative freedom. The session will include an audio-visual live performance by Dutch performer & producer Chagall, and a presentation by mi.mu gloves developer Adam Stark.