Balancing Technology and Self

With Deantoni Parks

Deantoni Parks is one of the finest drummers working today, displaying a sleek and intuitive balance between raw rhythmic physicality and machine-like precision. His abilities have led him to collaborations with the likes of John Cale, Sade, the Mars Volta and Flying Lotus as well as a teaching stint at the Berklee College of Music.

In this workshop, Deantoni Parks will explore how musicians can augment their natural talents with technology, adopting its benefits to fuel their own vision. According to Parks, “The relationship between music and technology is always evolving, but true music cannot exist without a soul.” From this philosophical starting point, Parks will engage with attendees to seek out where an equilibrium between human and machine expression lie.

Electronic music makers of any skill level are welcome.

Due to the small group format of these events, workshops will require pre-registration. Registrations will take place in October 2016. Each Loop ticket holder will be able to register for one workshop.