Bastl Instruments Synth Building Workshop

Friday 04 Nov 13:30 — 16:30
Saturday 05 Nov 12:45 — 15:45

With the Bastl Instruments crew

Known for producing versatile, fun and affordable Eurorack modular synthesizers, Bastl Instruments’ newest creation is a battery powered DIY mini modular synth. This device is so new it doesn’t even have a name yet and you are invited to be among the first music makers anywhere to build one.

Under the guidance of Bastl Instruments’ founders, you’ll be making a Eurorack compatible digital synthesis module with knobs and a patch bay for both manual and voltage control as well as for connecting to other instruments. Featuring a headphone output and powered by 3 AA batteries, your mini modular synth also works as completely standalone device.

No prior synth building experience is necessary. Depending on your soldering skills, it will take you 45 to 90 minutes to build the device. Material costs for one instrument are 65 EUR. Please bring headphones so you can enjoy your synth straight away!

Due to the small group format of these events, workshops will require pre-registration. Registrations will take place in October 2016. Each Loop ticket holder will be able to register for one workshop.