Berlin Community Radio: The Loop Live Stream

Berlin Community Radio presents: The Loop Live Stream

Bringing together Berlin’s continually evolving communities and through a modern platform for cultural exchange, Berlin Community Radio is home to over 100 shows covering a variety of topics and formats: arts, music across genres, culture, relationships, queer politics, literature readings, feminism discussions, gender and internet phenomenons.

Loop is partnering with Berlin Community Radio for 2016 to present a live radio stream from Funkhaus over the Loop weekend - on Friday 4 and Sat 5 Nov from 12:00-18:00. Loop attendees are welcome to drop by BCR’s Funkhaus studio to see and listen to the shows live. No pre-registration necessary.

In a series of “Berlin Perspectives” programs, Berlin based artists, many of them BCR's regular hosts, will be playing and discussing their favourite music from Berlin. “BCR Loop Special” and Sarah Miles and Anastazja Filipovna’s “Welcome to the Room” will feature interviews with and musical selections from some of Loop’s international participants. All BCR shows will be made available as podcasts afterwards.

Schedule: Saturday 5 Nov

12:00 - 13:00: Berlin Perspectives: Johannes von Weizsäcker + Andrea Goetzke

Johannes von Weizsäcker is part of the experimental pop band The Chap that he founded when living in London around the start of the millennium. His current solo project is called Erfolg (German word for success), examining notions of success and failure over lo-fi beats, accompanied by a choir. Being also a freelance music journalist, Johannes can share both the artist perspective being part of the Berlin pop/indie scenes and an overview of what he finds currently interesting from a journalistic point of view. The show will be hosted by Andrea Goetzke, who investigates Berlin’s various music scenes as a festival/music programmer, curator and radio host. Johannes and Andrea will explore Berlin’s pop and indie worls, from German lyrics to international connections, from guitars to DIY electronics.

13:00 - 14:00 BCR Loop Special: Welcome to the room with Chino Amobi

Chino Amobi's vision as Creative Director of NON is to break down long-standing Eurocentric perceptions of dance and experimental music. NON focusses on musicians who are either African or of the African diaspora, and lets the producers and singers have direct ownership over what is theirs, bending music-industry rules that are still largely colonial. Chino Amobi has remixed BCR Incubator’s Bonaventure's single 'Complexion' for release on NON. 

14:00 - 15:00: Berlin Perspectives: Easter

Easter is Stine Omar and Max Boss; an art pop duo from Berlin. Their performances are hypothermic, their sound synthetic, and their lyrics unsettling, futuristic, otherworldly. After their album “The Softest Hard” and the first season of the surreal soap opera “Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me”, they presented “New Cuisine Pt.2” earlier this year at Berlin’s Volksbühne. Easter also host a monthly radio show on Berlin Community Radio, and will show their very own perspective on music currently made in Berlin.

15:00 - 16:00 Berlin Perspectives: DREEA + DJ O’Nit

German DJ, artists and writer Dreea Pavel selects and mixes urban sounds all over Berlin and internationally, including a bi-monthly show on BCR. DJ O’Nit has been part of the Berlin hip hop scene since 2010. For their radio show at Loop, Dreea and DJ O’Nit will explore the hip hop and rap scenes in Berlin.

16:00 - 17:00 Berlin Perspectives: Perera Elsewhere & Sky Deep

After moving to Berlin from London at the turn of the millennium, Sasha Perera has enriched the city’s music scene with bass/grime/dubstep oriented DJ sets and parties, her Jamaican-inspired band Jahcoozi, and her pop-tinged project Perera Elsewhere. Originally from the US, Sky Deep is a producer, musician and DJ responsible for the Reclaim the Beats festival, which featured sounds and topics related to queer people and people of color in Berlin. Together Perera and Sky Deep will share inspirations and favourites from friends and collaborators in Berlin and beyond.

17:00 - 18:00 Berlin Perspectives: Pan Daijing

Originally from China, Pan Daijing is an experimental artist and performer who hosts a monthly show on Berlin Community Radio focussing on raw, industrial-tinged sounds. Her program at the Loop conference will feature experimental electronic music from a wide selection of Berlin-based artists.

For the Berlin Community Radio Loop Live Stream Friday program, click here.