Berlin Community Radio: The Loop Live Stream

Berlin Community Radio presents: The Loop Live Stream

Bringing together Berlin’s continually evolving communities and through a modern platform for cultural exchange, Berlin Community Radio is home to over 100 shows covering a variety of topics and formats: arts, music across genres, culture, relationships, queer politics, literature readings, feminism discussions, gender and internet phenomenons.

Loop is partnering with Berlin Community Radio for 2016 to present a live radio stream from Funkhaus over the Loop weekend - on Fri 4 and Sat 5 Nov from 12:00-18:00. Loop attendees are welcome to drop by BCR’s Funkhaus studio to see and listen to the shows live. No pre-registration necessary.

In a series of “Berlin Perspectives” programs, Berlin based artists, many of them BCR’s regular hosts, will be playing and discussing their favourite music from Berlin. “BCR Loop Special” and Sarah Miles and Anastazja Filipovna’s “Welcome to the Room” will feature interviews with and musical selections from some of Loop’s international participants. All BCR shows will be made available as podcasts afterwards.

Schedule: Friday 4 Nov

12:00 - 14:00 Berlin Perspectives: BCR Incubator with Rui HO + Bonaventure + The Neighbourhood Character

Rui Ho is a non-binary music producer and DJ from China whose music is a mix of modern electronic club music and traditional Chinese musical soundscapes with a focus on cyber identity, deconstruction and emotive internet music. Bonaventure (Soraya Lutangu) uses music as an identity research tool along with practical and speculative initiatives to connect her African and European roots and investigate human boundaries. Ari Robey Lawrence - aka The Neighbourhood Character - is a queer black artist from Berkeley, California who moved to Berlin 6 years and has a release on Lakuti’s Uzuri imprint called ‘Old Shady Grady and The Neighbourhood Character: Tales from Caturday’. About BCR Incubator: With a special focus on underrepresented and marginalized creative voices, the first BCR Incubator brought together four emerging Berlin-based electronic artists – Nene Hatun, The Neighbourhood Character, Rui Ho and Bonaventure – for a series of month-long radio residencies beginning in May 2016. At Loop they will be presenting two Berlin Perspectives shows from the BCR Funkhaus studio.

14:00 - 15:00 Berlin Perspectives: rRoxymore

A house and techno producer of international renown, rRoxymore’s steadily growing discography is as varied as it is incisive. From the playful repurposed 80s synth pop of “Ministry Of Silly Talks” on Huntleys & Palmers, to the dark, psychedelic depth of her recent Macro imprint EP Tautologies, plus diverse releases for Cómeme and Human Level, rRoxymore is intent upon building bridges between sound worlds. This show will explore the house and techno scene in Berlin.

15:00 - 16:00 Gudrun Gut presents female:pressure

Gudrun Gut has been a key player in Berlin’s cultural landscape for the past 30 years through numerous solo projects, bands and collaborations. She runs the Monika Enterprise and Moabit labels, releasing mostly female artists, and hosted the Oceanclub radio show with Thomas Fehlmann for many years. In this program, Gudrun Gut will present some of the artists from the female:pressure network, an international network of female artists in electronic music, who are coming to Loop as participants.

16:00 - 17:00 Berlin Perspectives: Why Be + Ziúr

Why Be and Ziúr make new hybrid club sounds beyond established genres, integrating a wide variety of influences. While Why Be moved to Berlin from Denmark, Ziúr has been an active participant in the city’s music scenes for many years. Their show will introduce the music of many like-minded producers who collaborate internationally and who’ve have gathered in Berlin in recent years, to bring new sonic perspectives to the dancefloor.

17:00 - 18:00 BCR Loop Special: CDR

CDR (Create, Define, Release) is an evolving multi-platform music project that organizes regular nights of tracks and ideas in the making, held in several cities including London and Berlin. By getting a chance to publicly listen to their works in progress, on a great club soundsystem, producers can identify how to develop their songs and discuss them with other producers. Tony Nwachukwu, producer, lecturer and music consultant based in London, is the founding director of CDR. David Tinning, cultural producer, director of Santuri (a music organization in East Africa) and radio maker, manages CDR in Berlin. In their show, they will share tracks from previous CDR sessions, including key moments from CDR’s history.

For the Berlin Community Radio Loop Live Stream Saturday program, click here.