Color Organs and Connections: Playing outside the box

Co-hosted by Peter Kirn and Gabriela Prochazka

Music software such as Ableton Live lets you compose by arranging events in time – but there's no saying those events have to be exclusively made of sound. In this hands-on open lab, hosted by Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn and Gabriela Prochazka, we'll play with the connections that can be made between music and light, visual media, and the physical world.

Using the Ableton Connection Kit, we'll see how you can connect a Live session to other media in a matter of minutes. Then we'll explore how those connections can trigger lights or connect to robots and sensors or generate projected visuals.

Peter Kirn will draw on some of his own work in the field, including an audiovisual collaboration with Czech light artist and visualist Gabriela Prochazka, as well as investigations of the immersive audiovisual works of Scriabin and Soviet-era artists.

No special equipment is needed; we'll have things you can try. For the hands-on exercises, you'll need a laptop with a copy of Ableton Live 9 Suite (or Live 9 with Max for Live).

This event will require on-site registration on the morning of, which can be found in the Foyer, next to the Registration desk.