Composing Beyond Convention: A conversation with Anna Meredith

“Genre-defying” is one of those music journalist phrases that gets thrown around somewhat too lightly, but if anyone in the music world currently deserves this classification it is surely Anna Meredith.

Spanning orchestral works, chamber music, art pop, electronica, experimental rock, and installation pieces, the Scottish composer’s output in recent years has revealed an innovative musical mind whose theoretical grounding never obstructs her ecstatic quest for new ideas.

In a moderated conversation with Dennis DeSantis, Anna Meredith will discuss the skills, techniques and insights that she has accumulated while crossing between and connecting the various musical genres and formats she works with.

Topics to be explored will include: the differences and similarities between songwriting and composition, writing for acoustic and electronic instruments, sound design with synths vs notation, finding connections between orchestral, rock and electronics sound palettes, and more.