Creative Recording Workshop

With Quantic

When making the move from the home or bedroom set-up to a ‘pro’ studio, producers are often baffled by all the new options and possibilities. This workshop, hosted by Will Holland, aka Quantic, attempts to break down some of the pomp and mystique and demonstrate how to best use your access to larger recording facilities.

In one of dBs School’s fully appointed Funkhaus studios, Holland will show attendees how to apply the skills they already have, set out tasks and accomplish them in a minimal timeframe. This workshop will also go into the finer points of workflow, studio methodology in recording and mixing, use of outboard and how to grow a basic demo session into a more lavish studio production.

Due to the small group format of these events, workshops will require pre-registration. Registrations will take place in October 2016. Each Loop ticket holder will be able to register for one workshop.