Ethical Sampling: Recording acoustic instruments and building Racks

Friday 04 Nov 15:45 — 17:15
Sunday 06 Nov 15:30 — 17:00

With Emile Hoogenhout

As a musician and as a Ableton Certified Trainer based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Emile Hoogenhout (aka Behr) has been exploring the rich musical heritage of Africa for over a decade and a half. His collaborations with numerous instrumentalists over the years have yielded some unique sample-based devices whose programming is informed by Behr’s understanding of tradition as well as his talents as a forward-thinking producer and sound designer.

In this workshop you will learn about the issues involved in sampling traditional instruments – both from a technical and cultural perspective. With an emphasis on how traditional and futuristic approaches cross-pollinate, you’ll have the opportunity to build a unique Instrument Rack. In addition, you’ll be provided with an awareness of some of the ethical considerations that come into play at the crossroads of ethnomusicology and sound design.

Basic knowledge of Ableton Live and the Simpler or Sampler instruments is required. Please bring a laptop with Ableton Live 9 installed. A velocity sensitive MIDI controller is optional but would be very useful to have.


Due to the small group format of these events, workshops will require pre-registration. Registrations will take place in October 2016. Each Loop ticket holder will be able to register for one workshop.