Robert Henke presents Fragile Territories

Laser based algorithmic audiovisual environment. 

Powerful lasers draw a bold but fragile floating object of shimmering, pulsating light. The drawing slowly evolves and fluctuates, and occasionally breaks apart into scintillating fragments. Sometimes, the shapes are barely visible, at other times, they explode into extreme brightness. Dense and delicate sonic events emerge from the object, embedded in distant echoes of decaying piano notes. An alien stream of timbres with no beginning and no end. Sound and vision comment and complement each other merging into one breathing, bodiless entity. 

Contrasting the slow transformations, a black shadow moves across the screen every few seconds. Reminiscent of a giant windmill blade, muting the light and dampening the sound where it appears, this negative object acts as a dark, strong force, putting the scattered light into an indefinitely distant background and emitting a low frequency noise following the visual trail. 

The shapes and auditive elements are created in real-time using statistic and stochastic algorithms, resulting in an infinite duration of the work; its state at any given moment being impossible to predict. 

Commissioned by Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France in 2012, Fragile Territories will have a German Premier in the Funkhaus Sound Chamber for the duration of Loop.

Installation made possible with generous support by LaserAnimation Sollinger, Berlin.

Henke will also take part in an artist talk and audience Q+A about the installation.