The Learning Institution: New approaches in music education

A panel discussion with Alexis Michaelides, Pamela McCormick and Rodi Kirkcaldy, featuring a presentation by Gerhard Behles. Moderated by Tony Nwachukwu.

What does an inspiring learning environment look and sound like? Tony Nwachukwu talks to a panel of leading independent education providers from forward thinking establishments dBs, Urban Development and Big Creative Training. They will share insights into engaging learners who may otherwise not have considered formal education. Comparing and contrasting approaches to community interaction, project scalability and tailored content, the session will highlight ways to support the next generation of artists, producers and DJs.

The panel will begin with a short presentation from Gerhard Behles on the topic, “Let’s revolutionize music learning”. Framed against the backdrop of a global movement of music creators who face new opportunities and challenges as they trespass across traditional boundaries of specialization in music practice, this presentation will discuss the development of adequate forms of music learning and deploying them at scale, in order to bring the developmental benefits of learning and practicing music to millions of young people who traditional music education cannot hope to reach.