The Loud System: Sound in space with Daedelus

With releases on labels such as Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune and Warp, Los Angeles-based producer Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus has been a mainstay at the more adventurous edges of electronic beat music for over a decade now.

Ever the eloquent speaker and original thinker, Daedelus will be illuminating a topic that has influenced him as a performing musician and will be of interest to anyone curious about the possibilities of experiencing sound in space. 

With today’s immensely powerful, and highly accurate sound systems, there is great potential to explore an entire frequency range, breadth and depth of sound and how it’s perceived in a space. And thus, Daedelus takes the position that you can shift your thinking to understand your instrument not as the thing you create your music on, but the space in which your music is heard. Exploring these notions further, his presentation will explore both the headspace of the music maker in the act of creation and the sonic qualities of Funkhaus itself.