Open Stage Performances

Friday 4 Nov 17:00 – 18:30
Saturday 5 Nov 15:15 – 16:45

Feeling inspired? Book a five minute slot and perform some of your music (or anything else you want to share) on the Loop Open stage.  We’ll provide a backline including a computer, MIDI controllers, a guitar & amp, microphones and more. Invite your new friends and potential collaborators to see and hear you perform, and check out what other Loop attendees create.

All performers should arrive 15 minutes early and introduce yourself to the stage manager Johan.  The backline will include a Macbook Pro with Ableton Live, an audio interface, a wired microphone, an acoustic guitar, amp, midi keyboard, and 50” LCD screen.  Your performance should be roughly 5 minutes long, but each slot is 10 minutes, including setup, performance, and breakdown time.  

All presenters are responsible for familiarizing themselves with our Code of Conduct.

This event will require on-site registration on the morning of, which can be found in the Foyer, next to the Registration desk.