Remake/Remodel: A performative presentation with Kimbra

How important is to keep evolving as a music-maker? The answer seems obvious, yet some artists, having attained a degree of notoriety, seem satisfied with increasingly predictable rehashes of previous successes.

In this performative presentation, Grammy-winning New Zealand artist Kimbra will share her experience of musical evolution and detail some of the methods she uses to keep moving forward as a music maker.

Drawing on her own work as a singer, songwriter, producer and technologist, Kimbra will plot a path through the strategic writing, collaboration and mastering of new technologies that she’s tackled since the release of her last album – and that have flowed into the making of her new one. Among other things, she will delve into how technology-driven improvisation with the Space Jam / Exo-tech group and writing for other artists has allowed her creative practice to evolve and her musical skill-set expand ever further.