The Upsetter: A conversation with Lee Scratch Perry

As one of the pioneers of using the recording studio as an instrument, Lee Perry’s early adaption and creative use of drum machines, synthesizers, reverb, delays, phase shifters and other technologies has had a profound and lasting influence on dub, dancehall and modern-day electronic music.

Today, at the age of 80 he is still pushing the boundaries of interaction between man and machine through his work with Subatomic Sound System. In this moderated conversation, the inimitable Lee Scratch Perry will be sharing thoughts and perspectives on music, spirituality, technology and the creative process.

Volker Schaner, the director of the documentary Lee Perry’s Visions of Paradise, will be on hand to help illuminate the intensely spiritual nature of Perry’s art and music. Perry's long-time band leader, Emch, will also be on hand to discuss their collaborative relationship and Perry’s ever-evolving musical vision and the role that technology plays in bringing it to the stage.

The conversation will be followed by a live performance with Lee Scratch Perry and his band, Subatomic Sound System.


A triptych of three paintings created by Lee Perry, in collaboration with Romanian artist Maria Sargarodschi, will be on display during the presentation. The works were created at Perry’s studio in Switzerland in 2015, and are displayed for the first time at Loop:

Fly to the Moon on a broom
Acrylic, Marker on canvas, 180 x 220cm

Telepathic North and South (Africa in Danger)
Acrylic, Marker on canvas, 180 x 220cm

Geene in the Bottle of Armageddon
Acrylic, Marker on canvas, 180 x 220cm