The View From Here: Local scenes in a globalized world

With Cora Novoa, Demian Licht, Emile Hoogenhout, Rasmus Kjærbo. Moderated by Tony Nwachukwu.

With their reach across music production, education and performance, Ableton's worldwide network of Certified Trainers are uniquely positioned to be the eyes, ears and commentators of their local music communities. And while they help aspiring music makers attain similar goals, they do so under sometimes very different local conditions.

Comparing and contrasting experiences from within their communities, our panel of producer-educators - from Barcelona, Mexico City, Johannesburg and Copenhagen - will discuss the factors that shape the evolution and sustainability of local music scenes. Together with moderator Tony Nwachukwu, they’ll investigate the importance of being connected to international networks, how regional musical idioms interact with global genres and much more.