Young Producers Roundtable

With Kučka, Kirk Knight, and guest facilitator DJ Jazzy Jeff. Moderated by Andrea Goetzke.

As we are now living a decade or so after the shift in music-making to software-based production and internet-based circulation, we have come to recognize that the technological, economic and social conditions for today’s young music makers are very different from those that older generations faced. Within this new emerging paradigm however, certain older ideals and conceptions of the musical life persist and continue to influence how we think of things like originality, virtuosity, locality, professionalism and success.     

Shouldn’t we re-think all these categories to better take into account the radically different landscape most of us create in now? With so much of our social and musical interactions taking place on the internet, who are our peers, who do we learn from, and who are the gatekeepers to ‘success’? How does one progress from DIY to professional and what does a career in music even look like these days? How is originality defined in this day and age? What should a modern, well-rounded musical education include?

To begin to answer these and other questions that up and coming music makers have, the Young Producers Roundtable departs from the usual workshop format. Rather than invite specialists to share their expertise in a particular field with a group of novices, this workshop relies on the collective experience and shared knowledge of all who take part. If you identify as an emerging producer, you’re invited to sign up for this workshop and submit your questions and discussion points pertaining to your experience of being a young music maker. The workshop will be co-moderated by Andrea Goetzke and producers Kuçka and Kirk Knight. DJ Jazzy Jeff will also be taking part to lend his perspective as both a veteran music maker and a mentor and nurturer of young talents.

This event will require on-site registration on the morning of, which can be found in the Foyer, next to the Registration desk.