Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang is a Toronto-based musician and YouTuber best known for his prolific output and the ‘Song Challenge’ video series which documents his unusual feats of musicianship.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in music at York University, Huang gained recognition by auctioning his songwriting skills on eBay and creating original compositions in a wide variety of musical styles. This led to the creation of his YouTube channel in 2006, which grew in popularity with a similarly audience-generated and often comedic concept.

With a discography of over 30 albums and upwards of 900,000 followers on his YouTube channel, Huang explores music from every angle - drawing a unicorn with notes in a MIDI editor, using fruit to control music software, rapping with multilingual rhymes, and generally experimenting with and sharing the creative process.​ His collaborative work has been equally eclectic: creating an interactive sonic art installation under the mentorship of Emily Haines (Metric), composing the World Wildlife Fund’s official Earth Hour anthem, and producing numerous viral hits with YouTube sensations Rhett & Link, Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen) and Boyinaband.