ANTIVJ is a European visual label representing, producing and promoting the work of artists whose practice spans from site-specific to installation work, large-scale to intimate, live performance to scenography and software to hardware development.

Focused on exploring new formats of experience and experimenting with new forms of narrative, the label has been recognized for developing and delivering work often as a response to place & space, light & architecture, code & motion.

Since 2007, ANTIVJ has produced, managed and toured work by artists such as Yannick Jacquet, Olivier Ratsi, Simon Geilfus, Xavier Chassaing, Joanie Lemercier and Romain Tardy; and composers such as Thomas Vaquié, Murcof, Dopplereffekt, Flying Lotus and Laurent Delforge. These artists and their work have been commissioned and presented at Centre Pompidou Metz, Sundance Festival, Seoul M-museum, Némo Biennale Paris, Rome’s Macro, CMoDA Beijing, Empac NY and Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.