Dolby Labs

With Dolby Atmos, music artists can precisely place and move sounds within a three-dimensional space for a boundary-pushing live music experience.

In the Dolby Atmos environment, sounds exist as individual entities, known as audio objects; the artist determines how large or small, diffuse or focused, loud or quiet these audio objects seem. A Dolby Atmos powered processor determines how best to utilise a room's speakers, including those that deliver sound above and around the audience. To recreate the precise placement and movement of sound and adapt to every room, each speaker receives its own audio feed and is powered independently.

Artists, producers, and other creative music professionals can create Dolby Atmos mixes of their music using an intuitive panner plug-in. Liberated from compression into just one or two channels, music in Dolby Atmos is energized with shape and movement to bring out subtly details, textures, and nuances.