Goldie is a British drum & bass icon, graffiti artist, DJ, actor and producer.

Against all odds, and despite a traumatic childhood, Goldie succeeded in unleashing his creativity from a very young age, and transformed an underground British sound into an international movement. As the UK rave sound emerged from acid house in 1991, well-travelled Walsall-born b-boy Goldie was taken to a club night called Rage by his girlfriend Kemistry and her flatmate, DJ Storm. Hearing pioneer DJs Fabio and Grooverider puzzled Goldie the first time, but blew his mind the second time. After meeting Nellee Hooper and a pre Massive Attack 3D, Goldie knew that he had found his purpose in life: making the kind of music that would be played at clubs like Rage. Under the guidance of Mark and Dego - AKA 4 Hero - from Reinforced Records, Goldie not only captured the vibe of the music he heard but added his own touch. His first official release for Reinforced was Darkrider in 1992, under the Rufige Kru moniker.

Upon setting up his own Metalheadz imprint Goldie began to showcase early releases by some of the burgeoning scene’s most crucial jungle artists: Doc Scott, Photek, Peshay, Dillinja, J Majik and Optical. A weekly Metalheadz residency at London's legendary jazz club The Blue Note captured the essence of the music for a packed and enthusiastic audience. Goldie landed a contract with Pete Tong's London Records offshoot label FFRR, and released the sumptuous album Timeless, a twisted hymn for urban Britain. Hailed universally, Timeless sold over 250,000 copies. Although he became a bona fide celebrity through acting in cult and mainstream films and appearing in high profile TV shows, Goldie never lost touch with his jungle roots; he continues to DJ all over the world as one of the highest profile ambassadors of drum and bass to this day. Nothing has better captured his connection to the music than his return to the Rufige Kru moniker for more uncompromising slices of vinyl. In June 2017 Goldie expanded his horizons further with the release of a new double album, The Journey Man, on Metalheadz.