Help Musicians

Christine Brown is the Director of External Affairs and Director of Northern Ireland for Help Musicians UK.

HMUK is the leading independent British charity for musicians, providing financial and emotional support, advice, guidance and opportunities that empower artists at all stages of their lives. The organisation has lent practical, positive assistance to emerging, professional and retired musicians of all genres since 1921, helping during times of crisis but also at times of opportunity, giving individuals the extra support they need at the crucial stages that could make or break their careers.

Throughout her eight years at HMUK, Brown has applied her experiences as a classically trained singer and choral scholar to help shape a more proactive approach to communications. She is responsible for all partnerships, campaigning and branding as well as directing activities for HMNI. Brown spearheaded HMUK's MAD campaign (music and depression) which saw the charity hit global headlines, and launched the impactful hearing protection campaign #hearformusicians. Brown is London-based, with roots in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.